Visit our expert physicians at vConfidence to assist you in finding a more lasting solution to your yeast infection issues. We offer a non-invasive procedure that takes only five minutes to help repair your vaginal tissues by boosting blood flow, promoting proper pH balance, and regrowing the mucosal lining.

What is a Yeast Infection?

A vaginal yeast infection is caused by fungal overgrowth known as candida and is characterized by discharge, irritation, and itchiness around the vulva and vagina. It is considered inflammation of the vagina, scientifically known as vaginitis.

Vaginal yeast infections – also referred to as vaginal candidiasis – affect three out of four women during their lifetime. The majority of women will experience at least two yeast infections in their lifetime.

What Are the Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?

Itching or soreness in the vaginal area
Vaginal discharge that is thick, clumpy, and white (similar in consistency to cottage cheese)
A burning sensation during sex or urination

What is Yeast Infection Treatment from vConfidence?

Treatment with vConfidence promotes a natural pH balance of the vagina and helps fight the overgrowth of bad bacteria to prevent infections from occurring. This innovative treatment may even stop recurring yeast infections by permanently balancing the pH levels of the vagina without the need for medications or creams.

We utilize the latest fractional CO2 laser and radio frequency technology for our non-invasive procedures. The laser’s gentle action creates micro-wounds that stimulate a natural healing reaction. This encourages your body to grow a more youthful, thicker vaginal lining as well as a revitalized mucosal lining.

If you are struggling with yeast infections and are fed up with the discomfort, consider a treatment from vConfidence. This advanced treatment is capable of addressing all of your concerns regarding bacterial issues and symptoms safely and effectively. Please contact us today to discuss any questions you have and schedule your treatment.

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