Looking for a permanent solution to your yeast infections? At vConfidence, we offer a long-term solution to recurrent yeast infections. Our cutting-edge technology provides a procedure that does two things: stimulates the blood flow and encourages the mucosa to regrow as a part of the body’s natural healing processes. These natural processes help restore and maintain the pH levels in the vagina. With these conditions it makes it difficult for bacteria and yeast to overgrow. A good pH level helps keep your vagina healthy and balanced.

What is a Yeast Infection?

Yeast infections are very common in women of all ages. They are caused by a fungal infection. Symptoms include irritation, discharge and severe itching of the vagina and the vulva, just at the vaginal opening. These symptoms are caused by an overgrowth of the fungus Candida, causing vaginitis, also known as inflammation of the vagina. Yeast infections can be very uncomfortable to deal with.

A vaginal yeast infection is also known as vaginal candidiasis. The condition is so common that three out of four women experience it in their lifetime, and many women have recurring yeast infections that have occurred at least twice.

Yeast Infection Symptoms?

Yeast infections are not fun. The symptoms can include having a deep itch in your vagina, as well as soreness. Most women notice a vaginal discharge that is white and clumpy, similar in appearance to cottage cheese.

What is Yeast Infection Treatment from vConfidence?

vConfidence helps the body heal itself. The treatment works by helping the vagina naturally balance pH levels. By doing this, the vagina can fight an influx of bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth before it leads to an infection. vConfidence’s treatment may be able to help resolve recurring yeast infections in women by more permanently balancing vaginal pH levels. This solution is completely natural, eliminating the need for creams or medications.

Our radio frequency and fractional CO2 laser-based treatments offer the best of cutting-edge technology. The procedure itself is non-invasive. The machines use tiny lasers to create small abrasions in the vagina. When this happens, your body’s healing response kicks in and begins to create new cells. This empowers your body to grow new tissue to create a thicker, newer vaginal lining. This can also help restore the vagina’s mucosal lining.

You don’t have to live with recurring yeast infections. It’s time to reclaim your life with vConfidence. Through our procedures, your vaginal problems, pH levels, and bacterial symptoms are addressed together. Our procedures are effective, non-invasive and safe. Contact us today for more information on our healing procedures and how we can help.

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